The Secret Doctrine


– The Secret Doctrine – Past and Future

– Science – Modern and Occult. Part 1

Jñāna Yoga and The Secret Doctrine

– Cosmogony in the Stanzas of Dzyan

– The Secret Doctrine as a Spiritual Practice

– Meditating on The Secret Doctrine

– Study Course on The Secret Doctrine



The Secret Doctrine: Esoteric Insights and Spiritual Practice (8 Talks)

  1. How to Study The Secret Doctrine (51:36)
  2. The Purpose of Its Study (63:17)
  3. The First Fundamental Proposition – Theory (62:44)
  4. The First Fundamental Proposition – Practice (64:22)
  5. The Second Fundamental Proposition – Theory (56:26)
  6. The Second Fundamental Proposition – Practice (56:00)
  7. The Third Fundamental Proposition – Theory (61:38)
  8. The Third Fundamental Proposition – Practice (70:22)


2 thoughts on “The Secret Doctrine

  1. Hello Dr. Sender….. I am a super senior citizen already and joined the TS in the Philippines….. I consider myself to have been fortunate to have attended the Centennial celebrations about October 1975 in New York as well as the opportunity to have met Bishop John B.S. Coasts and the couple, Geoffrey and Sandra Hodson, during their visits to Manila……. I did attend a School of Wisdom conducted by Geoffrey Hodson here in Manila then……. Warmest regards and take care……

    • Dear Felino,

      I apologize it took me so long to answer you, but I’ve had a very busy Summer and only now I can take care of my website. It is nice to make your acquaintance and I can imagine how great it must’ve been to meet all this great people! All best wishes!

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