The Secret Doctrine


– The Secret Doctrine – Past and Future

– Science – Modern and Occult. Part 1

Jñāna Yoga and The Secret Doctrine

– Cosmogony in the Stanzas of Dzyan

– The Secret Doctrine as a Spiritual Practice

– Meditating on The Secret Doctrine

– Study Course on The Secret Doctrine



The Secret Doctrine: Esoteric Insights and Spiritual Practice (8 Talks)

  1. How to Study The Secret Doctrine (51:36)
  2. The Purpose of Its Study (63:17)
  3. The First Fundamental Proposition – Theory (62:44)
  4. The First Fundamental Proposition – Practice (64:22)
  5. The Second Fundamental Proposition – Theory (56:26)
  6. The Second Fundamental Proposition – Practice (56:00)
  7. The Third Fundamental Proposition – Theory (61:38)
  8. The Third Fundamental Proposition – Practice (70:22)


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