Visit my New Website

Dear Friends

I have a new website where I will be adding more articles, talks and a new section of videoblogs. Visit it at


Thank you for your continued support!


One thought on “Visit my New Website

  1. i HOPE YOU REMEMER L EONARD COHEN’S MASTER OF CHANT HAELLELIEJUIA AnD ANY MEANING (IF ANY 4 us) from Gegorian chants et al. Leonard Cohen came to mean a lot to me – and the Marble Arch remix of hidden Vicktor Goskin Maybe a TSMelbounrne connection. Then Venga Boys have or are coming/continuing to come to town – great complentory duo to play see AAMicheal et al in the Venga ?Bus or plain Eloheimn loading their buses/es continuing to come to town -TO HOPEFULLY SAVE US ALL………A M E N ALL BE IT IN A PLAYFUL,YET ULTRA SERIOUS WAY! GOT tOO GET THIS THRU TO U GETTING THE ANGELS MOST HIGH MESSENGING Pablo? FOR HIM TO RESPECT US AND NIC dALLEY=wATERS! NICE MRSSAGE M A Y BE ACCCEPTED YOURS aamICHEAL

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